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I was up at noon today with the phone thrembling on the bed-side table, and by 2 o’clock I was at Borders, on Orchard Road. That has got to be some kind of record, considering the sloth I am.

It was for a good cause. I haven’t met Pong+ for a long time, and he was only here for a few hours before flying back to bangkok. So the minutes count.

Pong+ in an MRT station And there we were, over coffee after coffee, chatting about nothing and everything. He’s rather on the same wavelengh as I am, and the years did’t the meeting awkard, as I was with other old friends. This guy’s job is so cool. A fraud auditor working for a major bank, who globe thot all year round keeping things in check, and, many times, peoples behind bars. (He’d make a good lead character for movies) Our conversation this time was mostly on our plan for the next 1-2 years. Seems like we might be chancing up each other again in bangkok soon.

My early memory of him was from 5th and 6th grade. I was this skinny kid with enourmous head, and he was the big softy who sat on the table behind mine. (his was right at the back of the class) I guess we talked back then, but I wasn’t really close to him.

Fast forward to 2000. We met again in London while he was at LSE. I was seeing a lot of him, at night in pubs & clubs, and occasionally at samaggi samagom‘s meeting. He’s good company, a good cook, and knew the city well. I was pissed drunk with him the day before I left UK, and never seen him since. I’ve been in this part of the world, while in UK he stayed, for 14 years now. I’ll be glad having him around in bangkok soon, as he said he’s planning to.

I sent him off on the MRT at around 5:30, but not before he chosen 2 sci-fi book for me. 🙂 They are Darwin’s Radio by Greg Bear and Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.

Thanks for coming, really. You were worth getting up for.

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