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Creative Commons Search


Two days ago was aggressively indexed by a bot named “Creative Commons 0.06-dev”. So I decided to look it up. First I thought it was spam bot borrowing the creative commons name, but this turns out to be a genuine one. The bot is facilitating the new “Creative Commons Search”: (beta).

The search engine indexes only content (text, images, videos) licensed under creative commons licenses. This means the creators “retain copyright”: on the work, but intend to share those content with the public. And you can use it, as long as you give due credits, without having to pay or ask permission.

There are different “options”: an author can choose from while releasing a work under CC license. Examples are

* whether the work can be used commercially
* whether derivatives can be made out of the work

And the Creative Commons Search will display these conditions with each search result, so you know exactly what you can or cannot do with it.

Creative Commons is somewhere between ‘all right reserved’ and ‘public domain’. If it’s right for you, start “tagging”: your content under CC.

Note: Photos on “Flickr”: are, by default, copyrighted to the author. But you can choose to have them “CC licensed”: too.

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