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Yesterday, I went to the embassy to vote for the “general election.”: I am anything but political, and only after “an online quiz”: that I know I’m a socialist and a little libertarian. So, voting is not always simple.

In the morning, I set out to vote for “ThaiRakThai.”: I figured they are only as corrupted as any other government in my life time, and the structures they have put in place merit another 4 years in office. I tried calling home to talk to mom, to see how she views it. But nobody was home that late morning.

When I finaly reach mom, it was after lunch and just before I walk over to the embassy. Both mom and dad said they’d vote for the “Democrat.”: Some electricities fire through my “neurons”: and my vote changed. I only rationalize afterward that I’ll choose the Democrat so they will stay a medium-size party—and a viable alternative in the future.

And, like that, I went on to vote, both the “party list and constituency,”: for Democrat. I didn’t even know who the condidates were. That shouldn’t be how it works. It is a constitutional requirement that we all vote, but isn’t an un-informed vote worse than no vote?

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