Month: January 2005


[textile] Yesterday, I went to the embassy to vote for the “general election.”: I am anything but political, and only after “an online quiz”: that I know I’m a socialist and a little libertarian. So, voting is not always simple. In the morning, I set out to vote for “ThaiRakThai.”: I figured they are only […]

Firefox vs. IE, The Final Showdown

This past month, the ratio of browser choice of visitors to is about 2 Firefox users for 3 Internet Explorer users. And I felt an urge to campaign against IE again. Luckily, this time I have substantial supporting materials for the argument. If me bugging you doesn’t do it, read this damning report. 😉 […]

CSS Zen Garden, Geocities Style

This is just so funny. To make his point that _animated gif_ in web pages is dead, Bruce Lawson created this CSS Zen Garden “design.”: It is so 1997 that you can’t help smiling, and even more widely if you are familiar with “CSS Zen Garden.”: The design above “IS”: “XHTML 1.0”: Strict! [via “web […]


I wrote about Picasa 2 release on After playing with it for a day, I think the best bit about it is the improved searching. (livesearch, too) It’s very fast, as you would expect from a Google subsidary. The second best thing is the photoeffects, which are pretty neat. One thing it also does […]