Month: February 2005

CW Silicon Lasers

[textile] Intel has just announced its CW(Continuous Wave) Si laser result. It is giving out 8 mW, which is quite substantial, and make use of Raman amplification, as with all other Si lasers announced to date. LightReading has an article on this, and LR’s articles are more useful than most because of their comments. There […]

My Klingon Flu

[textile] I come to work today still infected with Klingon Flu. I only start to had sore throat on Monday, and by yesterday my temperature was high almost all day. Now, those symptoms had subsided, but I am left with a very pressurized nose & forehead. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bathroom’s mirror shows […]

Having 2 Jobs

[textile] Today’s quite a busy evening at Bali restaurant. The traffic along Sukumvit was really bad from 5 to around 8 o’clock. Then somewhere the floodgate was open and everything flows again. And peoples who made reservation at 6:30 or 7:00 started to show up. My mom must have expected a busy Valentine’s evening, cuz […]

Love is in the frickin’ air

[textile] On my way to work today, I’ve passed about a few hundred peoples holding flowers or teddy bears in their arms. The V-day being monday doesn’t seem to deter lovers. Yesterday was even worse. I was stupid enough to find myself in “Loft”: on the evening before Valentine’s. I was there trying to find […]