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A Productive Member of Society


That’s what mom called me the other day.

Getting a day job is like going to another dimension, especially when you’ve been living graduate student life for 5 years.

It’s been 3 days now and I’m feeling just _a bit_ used to getting up at 6 o’clock again. The office is quite far, but I’ve found a mode of transport that is convenient enough. I take the sky train to Victory Monument, then there’s a van route that runs from there to the far far side of Rangsit, taking the Toll Way. It takes 1:15 hour to reach my office, which is far from the worst this city can offer.

But still it is tiring. My mom, dad, and brother seem to enjoy it. Whenever I complians about how exhausted I am, they just shot me this knowing, evil, told-you-so, yeah-it’s-about-time-for-you grin.

The job is great and really exciting. I also like the peoples I’ve dealt with so far. This is the challenge I needed to get my brain going again. I’m glad I made the choice to come back and do it.

At it will become a large part of my life now, I migh write more about work later. But after reading “Committee to Protect Bloggers,”: I better think carefully before writing anything. Let’s just say it’s good for me now. 🙂

I’ve been walking around Siam Square for 2 evening. Haven’t see other part of Bangkok yet but I might do so this evening if I don’t wake up on Monday after going to sleep tomorrow.

Apart from few close friends, this is the first time I let the world knows I’m back from Singapore. And I’m thinking of this little experiment.

How long does it take for 80% of my friends to know tghat I’m back, if I only write about it here and don’t call anybody. Probably 4-5 years? Or not even then? 😛

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