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Chinese New Year Dinner

I never knew my mom considered herself chinese. I mean…by blood she is almost a pure chinese, but she never really care about the ritual and stuffs.

Today we had a big, big dinner, four of us and two very close family friends. It was almost at the end of it (around cakes & ice creams) did I knew this is supposed to be the CNY dinner; that the two friends are a singaporean and a chinese cambodean.

So roughly I am 50/50 thai and chinese, but people ask me a lot (twice in my first week at work) if I’m part caucasian. I think it’s got to do with the name. Somehow ‘Chris’ is not common a name at all among Thais, unlike Joe, Jack, Mike, Jan, Joy, May, …

Wait a minute…those all sound like G.I.’s name. May be that explains.

Anyway, we had a great dinner and good laughs. After the guests left, I and my brother Jess had our obligatory Winning Eleven duel. (He beats my Brazil 2–1 with England) Then I’m here writing this and will probably go to bed soon. Now I wonder how these people keep writing when they have day jobs. I get all sleepy now at 11pm. 😛

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