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Love is in the frickin’ air


On my way to work today, I’ve passed about a few hundred peoples holding flowers or teddy bears in their arms. The V-day being monday doesn’t seem to deter lovers. Yesterday was even worse. I was stupid enough to find myself in “Loft”: on the evening before Valentine’s. I was there trying to find a bag I can carry to work without damaging my spinal chord, but bags were apparently out. The shop floor was swarmed by last minute shopper trying to save the day. After bumping into too many giggling couples—only once or twice intentionally—I left for some spicy Isan food with an old friend. The conversation centered mostly on LabView and her graduate scholarship.

There is only one person I associate with Valentine’s Day. And I call her this morning for just the few minutes. There wasn’t much to say but it still brightened my day after all these time.

On a side note, my brother just gave his notice to the office last friday. He will stay there for another six weeks before starting at the new place, with a huge salary jump, and an even nearer office. (From Sathon to Chitlom, and our house is on Asoke) He reckon he can wake up at 8 and arrive in time. Damn these finance institute brat!

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