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Revenge of the Sith, Lego style


Today Non came over around 3pm to pick up his “GT4”: disc, so we had a chance to sit down and make some progress on “Lego Star War”: as well. It’s not a difficult game, but playing alone means you have to switch back and forth between characters quite a lot to go through the stages, and I found that a bit annoying.

So today, we finished the last chapter of Episode 1, and then all of Episode 2 & 3 in about 2 hours. I know from “his blog”: that you get to play Episode 3’s story in the game, but I’ve already seen the very-detailed leaked screncap months ago, so I’m not so bothered. Besides, it’s not there is much of _a plot,_ is it now?

It’s a cool and funny game, and although I probably will not play it twice, it’s still a worthwhile experience. It’s also fun to pitch characters against each other in freeplay mode. Too bad Non had to go home early, or we’ll see how his Darth Mule deals with my General Grievous and his _four_ lightsabers!

My favorite play has to be Yoda, though. The old thing kicks some serious butts!

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