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Chelsea Goes Korean

What is modern, blue in colour, and fitting of the world’s up-and-coming football team? Of course, the world’s up-and-coming electronics company. Chelsea had signed a £50m plus sponsorship deal with Samsung, starting June 1, 2005.

Samsung logo

It has been a lingering issue for the whole season, as we knew the deal with Ambro was prematurely terminated earlier. The names that came up were numerous, ranging from Sony, iPod, Orange (how strange would that be?), Microsoft, Siemens, and many others. I have to say Sumsung is a dark hourse, and I have never heard any rumour pointing to their direction. But I am very happy about it.

I like the brand, I use their phone, like their other products — especially the outlandish kitchen appliances. And I WISH I work for them, cuz their display technology is pretty damn cool! This is an assosiation mnade in heaven. Siemens was my brand, Samsung is now.

Go Blues. Go Korean. (like I planned to)

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