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Unreasonable Itch


For the last 2 days, I have been having an itch for a new laptop. They just seem to come rather cheap here, with so many combination that one’s needs can almost certainly be fullfilled. I was reading reviews and doing reseach like crazy, like what I would have been doing had I really going to buy it.

Thing is, I am not.

The only time I do not have access to a work or home computer is when I am on the road. And that time is used either for driving (duh!) or sleeping. And my 2 desktops are much more capable than the laptop. So why?

The model I spent most time looking at is “Averatec AV3360-EH1”: which is nice. But do I _need_ it?

* Pentium M 725? (That’s 1.6GHz) _At home it’s Pentium IV 3.0GHz_
* Dual DVD +/- Burner? _Check_
* 80GB Harddrive? _120GB at home_
* 512MB DDR RAM? _1GB awaits at home_
* 3 USB2.0 port? _8 actually_

So why the fuck am I still looking at the damn laptop 3 times a day?!?!?

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