Month: June 2005

Google Earth – Bangkok

The big G has answered“my prayer. Google Earth was released a few hours ago today.     While lacking a lot of features available to the north america & UK version – it’s basically a desktop Google Maps that you can rotate & tilt – it is considerably faster and you can add ‘pins’ […]


Following on my take on Google Maps Bangkok, I’ve started playing with Geobloggers today. The idea is that you tag your Flickr images with geo-location tags, and it can be viewed as overlays on Google Maps. This can work as a personal travel map (by viewing only images tagged by yourself) of see what other […]

Bangkok on Google Map

[via Hui’s blog] While Google Maps doesn’t know the streets of Bangkok yet (I think this is currently too difficult, even for the mighty Google, considering all the road works going on now), their satellite images does cover the area in pretty stunning details. I’m very bad with directions, so it took me a while […]

Attack of the Eyeglass

Two afternoon ago in my office: The giant little kid came to raise money for “โครงการแว่นแก้ว,”: who provide free eye checks & spectacles to children in rural Thailand. Note: An optometrist came to my company yesterday, and I took an eye test expecting the doc to ask whether I forgot my spec at home that […]

Shameless Extortion

Apart from “being forced to go through 25 minutes of advertisement, despite having actually _paid_ to be in there,”: I have another big gripe about Thailand’s cinemas. Their online ticketing. I was trying to buy tickets on-line for my Aunt today, because Major Cineplex won’t take phone reservation for Batman -Returns- Begins. This is their […]