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GeoURL 2.0

“GeoURL”:http://geourl.org went down last year, for too long than I care to remember, and I stopped checking back to their site after a few months. But they seem to have come back with a “2.0 beta”:http://geourl.org/news/2005/02/25/launch.html version late February. So I updated the ICBM coordinate of this site and ping their server. Now iChris.ws is “back on the geo map.”:http://geourl.org/near?p=http://ichris.ws

The location I used was a crude one from “Maporama.”:http://www.maporama.com In GeoURL site, it saids my location is _Near Makkasan, Thailand,_ which is acceptably close but not too specific. I could get it right to within 50 metre with my thinknet’s “bangkok map,”:http://www.thinknet.co.th/product/MapMagic_Bangkok_04.asp but that wouldn’t be too wise, wouldn’t it? The coordinate we wer talking about was “ICBM”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICBM as in _InterContinental Ballistic Missile,_ and having my home blown up in muchroom-shaped cloud would be rather inconvenient.

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