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Following on my take on Google Maps Bangkok, I’ve started playing with Geobloggers today. The idea is that you tag your Flickr images with geo-location tags, and it can be viewed as overlays on Google Maps. This can work as a personal travel map (by viewing only images tagged by yourself) of see what other pictures were taken near yours. (using word tags doesn’t always achieve this, as different people could use different words for the same place)

Here’re a few bangkok images that I tagged. Note that Geobloggers still use only the north america version of Google Maps, so the satellite images of Bangkok is really crap and that’s as close as I could get. The ones I took on the US trip fare much better.

It’s still useful, nonetheless. And automatic, which is a big plus comparing to keying in coordinates manually like in my friends map. This is also the first time I used greasemonkey. Very powerful indeed!

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