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ไม่เข้าใจ sIFR

My server is now back online after a 10 days outage. 2005 is not one of ichris.ws best year. But this time, the blame is completely upon me, as I was to slow in updating my site’s system, and it fell victim to the “XML-RPC vulnerability”:http://www.gulftech.org/?node=research&article_id=00088-07022005 discovered on July 02, 2005.

Anyway, now it’s back, and last night I had _rare_ free time in front of the computer, so I updated the “sIFR”:http://www.mikeindustries.com/sifr/ (scalable Inman Flash Replacement) script I used to the latest version. And, grudgingly, I have to admit I still don’t quite get the whole idea. And it shows. The font size of my post headers still change from post to post. What’s with that?!?


* Figure out how real CSS and decoy CSS works together to determine final flash font size
* Go through f0nt.com to see if there’s a better font for node headers. (Current one is “NP Naipol All In One”:http://f0nt.com/download/details.php?image_id=68 )
* See if other page elements would benefit from sIFR.
* cross-browser/platform test. (presentation was bad on Ubuntu, last I check)

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