Month: August 2005

Three Points Lane

I am a Chelsea fan. I think Gullit sucked as a manager. (Or at least he used to) I think Hoddle, Vialli, and Ranieri did ok. And I’m loving the Mourinho era. But being an oversea fan, my allegiance does not extend to hating the so-called rivals. For chelsea, the big three would be Arsenal, […]

Trackbacks for papers

On his blog, “Jacques Distler”: wrote of how “”: e-Print archive starts to support trackbacks for individual articles. Which I think is very cool. Of course, we have systems that track paper citations, but one doesn’t always want to write another paper just to express comments about one. I might just want to say it’s […]

Aggregating things personal

More and more sites are offering feeds nowadays, and those I find especially useful are the social networking sites. These also pop up on almost a weekly basis, and most of them are useful even for personal realm. I’ve tried using them to collect and categorize * “webpages”: * “musics”: * “scientific papers”: * “things […]

Bangkok at 0.7 m/pixel

First saw it on “Hui’s blog”: that Google Earth has increased the map resolution around Bangkok area. “This page”: lists the 100+ cities that also got the upgrade back in August 15. (So long ago, in internet time) Apparently the most detailed area of Bangkok are resolved to 0.7 metre per pixel. What’s the highest […]

First Interview

No, I’m not switching job. Today is my first time as an interviewer, and it was a very interesting experience. The 3 candidates are about the same age, had similar education, and has years of experience in similar field. I’m actually quite impressed with what they had to offer, and two of them would be […]