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First Interview

No, I’m not switching job. Today is my first time as an interviewer, and it was a very interesting experience.

The 3 candidates are about the same age, had similar education, and has years of experience in similar field. I’m actually quite impressed with what they had to offer, and two of them would be very well suited to a position, one that I’m not looking to fill right now. But we need manpower bad, and we’ll have to make do.

So, the deciding factors come to enthusiasm & attitude, and for me that’s the trickiest part. Do I go for Mr A, who is very active and ‘can-do’, or Mr B, who is more experienced and measured?

I know very clearly which of them will make my job easier, but I also know he is over-qualified and might not enjoy the role in the long run. Dilemma. -_-“

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