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Aggregating things personal

More and more sites are offering feeds nowadays, and those I find especially useful are the social networking sites. These also pop up on almost a weekly basis, and most of them are useful even for personal realm. I’ve tried using them to collect and categorize

* “webpages”:
* “musics”:
* “scientific papers”:
* “things to do”:
* “social networking sites”:
* “Places I go online”:

More are probably out there. These sites offer content syndication in one form or another, and it is such a useful way of organizing data because each of them were made for a particular content type in mind. It might be possible to use Drupal’s “flexinode”: (or the new CCK(Content Construction Kit) ) to tailor a node type to fit a content type (say movie I went to) reasonably well, but why reinvent the wheel?

Drupal can aggregate RSS (and soon Atom), so I have been “aggregating”: these into this site. I haven’t decie how exploit these to the fullest, but honestly it’s already quite useful.

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