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Three Points Lane

I am a Chelsea fan. I think Gullit sucked as a manager. (Or at least he used to) I think Hoddle, Vialli, and Ranieri did ok. And I’m loving the Mourinho era.

But being an oversea fan, my allegiance does not extend to hating the so-called rivals. For chelsea, the big three would be Arsenal, Tottenham, and Leeds. (Somehow, Leeds are in _the list_ for most clubs, not just us)

So normally I read the fans’ slugging each others with only amusement. And _certainly_ amusing some of them are. Take “Can you beat Spurs too often?”: from a Chelsea fan about our “record against Spurs.”:

(Which by the way is even worse than ours against Arsenal, but that shouldn’t be called a ‘record’ anymore since we won 2 and draw 2 of the mathces in the last 2 seasons, not even including _that_ win in the champion’s league)

Obviously it would be unfair to dwell on the fact that there are now legal age voters who weren’t born the last time Chelsea lost a League game at White Hart Lane.

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