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Back to California

Boeing “777-300ER”: is a nice plane. Or may be it’s the options chosen by EVA. What I like:

* Entertainment. It’s a 3 hours flight to Taipei, yet you have 6 movies and a few other programs to choose from. And they don’t just run like TV so you end up being able to finish just one. This has vidoe on demand. I can start each program whenever I want, fast forward or pause when I need to visit the restroom. Oh, and did I mentioned it has touch screen too? Great for playing ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’.
* Sensor at water tub.
* My neck doesn’t hurt after 3 hours. However they managed that, I don’t care.

Too bad I only got to ride the thing for only 3 hours, and was switched back to an old 747-300 on the section to San Francisco.

P.S. As the plane descent onto CKS airport, it just strike me how great Google Earth really is. I mean, if LCD screen would come at 200dpi, I wouldn’t need to peer out any plane window ever again.

P.P.S. Since I’m here, should I go to “Engadget Meetup”: tomorrow? Hmm…

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