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What If Dragons are Real?

No, it’s not that kind of _what if?_ question. I’m talking about a technical exploration of the features and evolution trails of dragons, on the hypothesis that they did exists. (It’s not that much different to many real life science, mind you.)

I just finished watching “Dragons: Fantasy made Real”: on pay-per-view in my hotel room, and it was worth the money.

Dragons cover

It was very well made, and not surprisingly nominated for this year’s “Emmy”: in outstanding animated program category, only to be pipped to it by “Clone Wars Volume 2.”:

In this imaginary scenario, dragons belong to a line of dinosaur with a special feature. Hydrogen deposit lungs that both enable them to be light enough to fly and breath fire. It’s far fetch, but not by that much. The gap with reality only widened when the program depicts the last survival dragon who lived until less than a millenium ago and died by humans hand in Romanian’s “Carpathian mountain.”: But it’s insightful and entertaining nonetheless. And I don’t have to shut down the rational part of my brain like for 95% of the sci-fi stories out there.

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