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Fleet Week 2005

I was in San Francisco today for Fleet Week. I haven't heard of this before, but city traffic tells me it must be a big around here. Basically it's an air show with army and navy booth trying to woo american's patriotic sense. A friend told me the whole fleet week thing got started because peoples in california were so against the idea of war after ther spanish american war of 1908, so much so that the local government needs to do something to alleviate the feeling.

Anyway, enough with history. The air show was so so. A group called The Blue Angels were performing, and they were supposed to be great. But having seen my fair share of firework exhibitions, the show the angles put out just didn't justify my neck strain.

Then the day unfolded like my other weekends in california-had dinner and got lost driving back to the hotel.

The picture I took was terrible, but some nice ones can be found in this Flickr cluster.

P.S. Today, we saw Ann Winblad, Silicon Valley VC and one William Gate's ex-girlfriend, walks her dogs. The saying was that she's responsible for making Bill a milder, more considerate person. (and eat less hamburger) Just imagine the parallel universe where that didn't happen…hmm… 

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