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AllConsuming and Findory

I started using “AllConsuming”:http://43.allconsuming.net/person/chrisada/ and “Findory”:http://findory.com today. Both interesting services, time will tell if I get to use them much. AllConsuming is integrated with “43Things”:http://www.43things.com/person/chrisada and “43Places,”:http://www.43places.com/person/chrisada and works with a single account. This makes life that little bit less complicated.

This is my first day with both sites, and the personal profile is still in the build. So don’t think my whole reading exprience evolved around “Dilbert”:http://43.allconsuming.net/item/view/27421 and “Calvin & Hobbes”:http://43.allconsuming.net/item/view/26225 ya.

P.S. “Emily Chang’s eHub”:http://www.emilychang.com/go/ehub/ lists hundreds more web 2.0 sites.

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