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“Flock”:http://www.flock.com is available for download tonight as a developer preview version, and it’s super super cool :!

Imagine this

* The usual Firefox goodness. (Many extensions work, many haven’t yet. It’s advertising itself as Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8b5) Gecko/20051019 Flock/0.4 Firefox/1.0+)
* “del.icio.us”:http://del.icio.us as integrated bookmark organizer (with very nice tag support and list view)
* an integrated blog editor working with all open API
* “Flickr”:http://flickr.com integration
* feed discovery and reader (adding a bookmark automatically monitor its feed)
* full-text indexing of all pages you browsed (and “internal”:http://sourceforge.net/projects/clucene/ search engine)

And imagine them working together pretty darn well for a supposedly pre-beta software. Some might say it’s just firefox with skins and extensions. But my browsing experience is actually quite different, and in a better way. The extensions weren’t feeling much as _part_ as it is with Flock. (the del.icio.us extension, for example)

And it’s opensource, of course. Two thumbs up for those who lead the Flock.

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