Month: November 2005

Firmware Upgrade on Adidas 1

The intelligent, microprocessor controlled Adidas 1 has just got a 1.1 firmware upgrade. It is now supposedly faster and stronger, among other things. Now when does the PSP hackers start rolling out homebrew firmware for this? May be Adidas 1 Hang Time, or Adidas 1 Beckhamizer? P.S. Did I just invented a new word? seems […]

The Mom Test

I like the “Mom Test”: as much as anyone. And I have to say good job for these products that had recently passed: * “Firefox”: 1.5 RC3 * “Thunderbird”: 1.5 RC * “Gmail”: * “iPod”: with video * “Flickr”: She uses these on a daily basis. Now for some that’s still in the pipeline: * […]

Extension of the Day: IE Tab

The problem I had with upgrading Firefox to 1.5 RC was overcomed today, which I’m quite happy about. It feels noticably faster. Part of the solution was to clean out all existing profile and remnants (everything from around 0.5 era is there). The extensions are also gone, which gave me the opportunity to run through […]

Journal Following with RSS

Each “IEEE” journals and conference proceedings now has RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. The feeds contain titles and abstracts, and are going to make my life that little bit easier. Example: “IEEE Photonics Technology Letters”: “IEEEXplore: Guide”:

Drupal’s GMap module

Testing Drupal’s “GMap module”: with my latest trip’s return itinerary: [gmap |id=map |center=170.859375, 23.885837699862005 |zoom=16 |width=450 |height=300 |align=None |control=Small |type=Map |points=100.3271484375,13.987376214146467 + 120.21240234375,23.78534480594123 + -122.38082885742188,37.62510898062149 |line1=237.65625,39.90973623453719 + 121.640625,25.16517336866393 + 101.953125,15.284185114076445]