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Another Year, Another Post

author: Tiger Tiger in black and white

Last year today, Chris lets me write on his blog for the first time. But he must have been very busy, cuz he forgot to leave the computer on for me this morning. Luckily, mom finished her browsing just now so I had her machine for a while before she leaves for Bali.

My birthday has been quiet this year. I hate it when it falls on Monday. Peoples are so sleepy and in a hurry. Chris even forgot today is the day, until mom put him right this morning. Yes, dude. Tummy rubbing is in order. And don’t go thinking that 5 minute was enough. You’re pretty good, but not that good. So don’t be coming home too late today, goddit? And I think some walnut won’t be out of place, either. Preferably Yaowarat’s.

Now, I don’t want to be too harsh. He has been a good boy and did stay at home a whole lot more this year. He just needs to have better balance. 12 hours at the office and only 1 with me? What’s with that?

Reflecting the last year, I know I have been grumpy at times. I’m sorry about making scenes whenever peoples come and go from mom’s bedroom. But what’s a dog without his territory, right? I’m grateful that my health has been reasonably ok, that everybody’s home, and that the evil condominium manager didn’t manage to ban us dogs in the building.

Well, that’s all folks. Until next time.

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