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Christmas Dinner 2005

Christmas Eve was long, tiring, fun, and memorable.

The After Effect

Our day started at 10, going to “FSA”: on Sathorn for a “CFA preview talk”: and getting typically lost along the way. Then it was back home for a quick lunch, and central chitlom to do Christmas shopping. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent wrapping gifts, arranging the christmas loot, buying cakes, and entertaining Tiger.

We had 7 guests at dinner, which was roughly the same as last year. Mom made some nice honey ham, “tender ribs,”: and spaghetti stir-fried with garlic and dried chilli. Then we were fed “Mousses & Meringues”: and Häagen-Dazs, which always help put you in the right mood :>

For Tiger, the highlight was definitely that spare rib mom gave him. That and navigating through 14 extra pairs of legs left him sleeping at 9pm, right in the middle of the party.

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