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The White Witch

Today, I went and see “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”:

The story did not resonate much for me, perhaps because too many little details were left out. (I still don’t understand how Alsan came back from the death) But the world of Narnia was represented very well; the landscape and creatures didn’t seem the least bit out of place. They all feel natural, in a fantasy kind of way.

And I like the casts. Young Edmund and Lucy were perfect for their roles. And Jadis, “the white witch,”: just stole the show. I think she is _cooler_ than “Gandalf.”:

The White Witch

Of note, besides the movie, is the theatre itself. Most people I know feels “SF cinema”: is the better choice in Thailand, and I quite agree. The seats are nice and wide, arm rests are retractable, and digital cinematography is really something to behold.

4 stars.

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