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Do you know who I am?

I think “this guy”: has been in Thailand too long. (Any longer, he would have been asking _Do you know who my daddy is?_ )

I took this from a US embassy’s site, but functions of Defense Attaché should be roughly the same.

Defense Attache….is primarily responsible for representational duties designed to foster positive relations…

It didn’t help your job, mate, to go fuck all the 3 entities represented by the colours of the flag.


  1. I didn’t quite understand your entry to begin with (I think you meant “to go “fuck all…” the 3) but I had no idea the Thai flag symbolised that set of things. Why would I. I barely know what the UK flag means.

    But I went and looked it up and it’s quite interesting, good link here:

    Funny story though 🙂

    • Baba says

      Interesting… a friend of mine was his PA here and she told me about this last year when it was all hush hush, and I actually met him at a quiz about month before that incident at the British Embassy, met his wife too. He didn’t come across as the typical posh arrogant high ranking military guy, he was very relaxed and easy going and apparently he was a great boss. His wife was really lovely. He must’ve been well messed up on that flight and it was one huge embarrassment for the British Embassy here, obviously.

    • chris says

      They made us learn it in school, meaning of Thai flag and the Union Jack. No other flags, I don’t know why.

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