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CL2: Sneak Peek at Google Calendar

“TechCrunch”:http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/03/08/exclusive-screenshots-google-calendar/ has many screenshots of an early beta version of Google Calendar, or CL2. As with many commenters there, the first thing I thought of is “30 Boxes,”:http://30boxes.com which I am using daily.


* public & private sharing (and separated feed for each)
* human language parser for adding events
* E-mail and SMS notification (wish I live in America)
* iCal support

But these are fresh:

* Nobody I know (and want to share events) uses 30 Boxes, or perhaps even heard of them. Gmail friends I have a few
* Gmail integration and unified search
* More conventional hour-grid view of day
* Event aggregator from around the web. I can imagine something similar to Google News ‘subscribe’ feature whcih add the result automatically to your calendar and tag them appropriately. This could be huge!

And now for the million dollar question, will it sync with Outlook?


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