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Picking People

Today, I made one of my best snap decision of this year, picking The Essential Drucker over Inuyasha as bath time companion. It really is what I needed right now.


At work, I’m doing a lot of staffing for new and existing position, and also fitting into a new role myself. Chapter 9, Picking People—The Basic Rules, opened my eyes to a systematic and thought-through process of doing both well. The 10-page read both set me into the right direction and preventing me from making mistakes I can see myself making. No small mistake as well. Any book that can do that for you deserves the be read. I’m now set out for a chapter a day, which should be ok as most of them are not more than 20 pages, and are self-contained essays collected from Drucker’s 60 years of writing.


I also own 2 other Drucker’s books, Managing for Results and The Effective Executive, neither of which I spent more than 15 minutes on. I hope they will move out of my unfinished collection soon.


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