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Picking People

Today, I made one of my best snap decision of this year, picking The Essential Drucker over Inuyasha as bath time companion. It really is what I needed right now.


At work, I’m doing a lot of staffing for new and existing position, and also fitting into a new role myself. Chapter 9, Picking People—The Basic Rules, opened my eyes to a systematic and thought-through process of doing both well. The 10-page read both set me into the right direction and preventing me from making mistakes I can see myself making. No small mistake as well. Any book that can do that for you deserves the be read. I’m now set out for a chapter a day, which should be ok as most of them are not more than 20 pages, and are self-contained essays collected from Drucker’s 60 years of writing.


I also own 2 other Drucker’s books, Managing for Results and The Effective Executive, neither of which I spent more than 15 minutes on. I hope they will move out of my unfinished collection soon.


  1. Heh… I guess you’ve been influence by Blink for that snap decision.

    Thanks for the link na krub. It’s quite addictive to catalog your books and the social features seem to be pretty good.

    Great site you’ve got here, by the way 🙂

    • chris says

      Haha… perhaps you are right. Somehow the book just begged to be picked up last night.

  2. UnkT says

    I AM impressed …………I always picked by gut feel…….Freakonomics = statistically correct but useless/ineffective information

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