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Footie Time

So my CFA Level I exam is done and dusted. And what can be a better day? 1 week before the first ball is kicked at the World Cup.

FootieFox logoThis year, I will be very organized in my following of the Lions, thanks to “FootieFox”: This firefox extension is one of the most useful I have seen, in any category. It’s very polished and well thought of. Surely a product of a fan. It works better than any existing solution I have seen or tried to cook up (e.g. iCal in GCal, which failed miserably with non-local timezone)

The feature list can be daunting, so here’s the highlights

* All match time is local
* Supports all leagues you ever want to follow, and the world cup
* live update (no refresh required)
* goal alert.

I don’t think even a paid service can top this.


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