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Thailand’s Napa

We took a deserved break this past weekend visiting the wine country near Khao Yai (grand mountain) national park. “PB Valley”: is the oldest and largest vineyard in the area, and offered organized tour of the vineyard and winery. We felt more like walking around on our own, and chosen to visit GranMonte Estate where you’re greeted at the entrance then left to roam. GranMonte grape field At about 100 rai, GranMonte isn’t big, but it is beautiful. We took an hour and a half to explore the area, taking pictures, tasting wine and local produces, and burning ourself in the midday sun. After that it’s lunch at VinCotto. The restaurant has glass enclosure all around, showing off the beautiful flower fields and lotus ponds, all in the comfort of air conditioning. I gave the food 8/10. I especially like their grape dishes, prawn salad with fresh grape and grape cheese pie. Finishing at GranMonte a bit before schedule, we spent the afternoon at Farm Chokchai going on the Agro tour. It’s a packed 3 hours, so I’ll let the pictures do the story telling.


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