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The Hero With No Dark Side

Yesterday, we went to see “Superman Returns”: at the “new IMAX theatre.”: While Clarke Kent managed to return in fine form–old fashion yet not boring–the “IMAX”: is quite a let down.

I can’t tell if it’s because we were seated on the 2nd row from the screen, but the 3D glasses didn’t work well. The extra depth was there, but most of the time the projections didn’t combine well and I see split images. And our eyes were strained for the rest of the day from trying to focus.

It was an _ok_ movie. But I felt a bit cheated paying double the normal amount expecting 3D film, while actually there were about 4 scenes shot in 3D, lasting about 20 minutes altogether.

Superman basking in the sun light

P.S. Superman is so old-fashioned he gets his power from the element of nature. (sun light) This is like goddess “Hera’s”: follower getting power from the earth or “Hanuman”: from the wind.

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