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Depressing Singapore?

I hardly sign into MSN Messenger nowadays, mainly because it’s blocked at work. Today when I did, these are the status messages my friends in singapore are using.

* Better day will come..
* เครียด เจ็บใจๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ
* จะใช้ชีวิตแบบนี้ไปได้อีกนานเท่าไหร่ – จุดต่ำสุด
* Crossroads
* let the tear run til it dry
* ไม่ยึดติด – back to reality
* Move ON
* the8foldpaths

I wonder if the place is a prozac nation now or are they just feeling the pressure of growing up?


  1. That happens a lot nowaday. Most my friends would put something like “Good times always end too soon”, “Benz being blue”, “You can’t lose what you’ve never had”, “What does life mean huh?”, “…bored to death”, and many more. 🙂 There are other positive ones also. I think it’s the weather… makes people gloomy. 🙂

    • chris says

      Global phenomena then. All my friends everywhere seem to be suffering, except those in thailand 😛

      • leenewt says

        Life is always full of ups and downs….Always Move On (for better or for worst)..Do not accept standstill or conform to present situation that u do not accept. Move on is perhaps a good way to inner peace and happiness….

        Move On…..

          • I currently work in Singpore as well.

            My first impression here was great. Singapore is a very nice and neat country..

            After 9 months here, those nice and neat things make me sick. hahaha..

            I miss Thailand as well… but life go on 😀

            Cheers na ka

          • chris says

            Ha! And that’s a nice blog you have. I really like the comics…they bring back good and bad memories of the lion city. (ชอบเรื่องไข่ลวกมากๆ เห็นครั้งแรกงงเหมือนกัน)

  2. UnkT says

    I think they are homesick; nothing that a dash of son tam cannot cure. Or they are having difficulty growing up. Welcome to the real world. It gets worse.

  3. Jan says

    Trust me.. It’s the bloody island.. oops
    Here are from the locals’

    Sch started (aka school started)
    School starts subject jialat (huhhhh??)
    bored in NTU
    Hates taking lessons with the A-ers
    I hate school

    ….I didn’t know there is such similarity….
    says it all, doesn’t it? hehehe

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