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Old News

The pace of internet had meant timeliness problem for traditional media. When I listen to the radio in the morning, I’ve probably read about it from blogs or news feed the night earlier. I stopped buying gadget magazines because I’d have seen the stuffs months earlier from engadget or crunchgear.

Gloomy Sunday Music Sheet

But sometimes they are much slower. This morning, I heard on the radio ( รายการเรื่องเล่าเช้านี้%… ) that the thai media had just picked up the story about Gloomy Sunday — The Suicide Song. Apparently, they found some websites that distributed the music, and the Thai ministry of something is even considering whether to block access to the site. They were very careful not to mention the site’s URL, so peoples won’t curiously visit, listen, and jump off roofs. They failed the mention the song was written in 1993, and were urban legend and annoying e-mail spam since the birth of internet.

In short, old news! Are you gonna spread the fear of “KFC is not made of chicken” next?

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