Month: February 2007

Risk-adjusted Performance Measurement (RAPM) Survey

RAPM Survey 2007 by PRMIA is just out. Some of the key findings are The greatest future uptake of RAPM is geographically in the Asia/Pacific region and, by sector, in Energy. The greatest current usage of RAPM is in Banking, Insurance and Alternative Investments. RAROC continues to dominate RAPM calculations with EVA usage in distant […]

EagerEyes, Swivel, Many Eyes

Out of the many hobbies and passions that I have, two that also benefit my work are typography and data visualization. (I’m a “Bringhurst”: and “Tufte”: groupie.) I spent hundreds of hours crafting charts and tables, making sure the hard work in generating the data pays full dividend. I was predictably excited when “Swivel”: and […]