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EagerEyes, Swivel, Many Eyes

Out of the many hobbies and passions that I have, two that also benefit my work are typography and data visualization. (I’m a “Bringhurst”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bringhurst and “Tufte”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Tufte groupie.) I spent hundreds of hours crafting charts and tables, making sure the hard work in generating the data pays full dividend.

I was predictably excited when “Swivel”:http://swivel.com/ and “Many Eyes”:http://many-eyes.com/ came out, and took quite a bit of time playing around with it. In the end, I found myself more interested in the data sets available, rather than the visualization tools. They have huge potentials, but are not quire _there_ yet.

Today, I read “a very good review”:http://eagereyes.org/VisCrit/Swivel-vs-Many-Eyes.html comparing the two on EagerEyes.org. Robert Rosara put into words some of the comments that I had and many more. I am adding this site to my reading list. (Apart from the very good content, the site is also nicely done in Drupal)

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m doing something similar over at StatSheet.com targeted at sports stats. One big difference is instead of needing to bring your own data to create graphs, users of the StatSheet Chart Builder can use the StatSheet database. Right now I’ve limited it to a subset of my college basketball data (back to 1996), but over time I plan on opening it up to other sports. Check it out. I’d appreciate any feedback!

    Robbie (robbie@statsheet.com)

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