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EagerEyes, Swivel, Many Eyes

Out of the many hobbies and passions that I have, two that also benefit my work are typography and data visualization. (I’m a “Bringhurst”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bringhurst and “Tufte”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Tufte groupie.) I spent hundreds of hours crafting charts and tables, making sure the hard work in generating the data pays full dividend.

I was predictably excited when “Swivel”:http://swivel.com/ and “Many Eyes”:http://many-eyes.com/ came out, and took quite a bit of time playing around with it. In the end, I found myself more interested in the data sets available, rather than the visualization tools. They have huge potentials, but are not quire _there_ yet.

Today, I read “a very good review”:http://eagereyes.org/VisCrit/Swivel-vs-Many-Eyes.html comparing the two on EagerEyes.org. Robert Rosara put into words some of the comments that I had and many more. I am adding this site to my reading list. (Apart from the very good content, the site is also nicely done in Drupal)

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