Month: March 2007

Drupal Installation Profiles

One new feature I had not paid much attention to in Drupal 5.x is the installation profiles. I almost did not notice they have their own download section on You can set almost anything post-install, including   Turning on modules (core and contrib) Set permissions Create default user roles Enable translations Enable specific theme […]

Password Security in Real Terms

One Man’s Blog discussed how weak the _weak_ passwords really are, making it easy to understand in terms of how many seconds it will take to break them. This is very practical and will get the message through without invoking any binary calculations. Above table is done in Google Spreadsheets and embedded using iframe. via […]

First Mortgage-Backed Securites to debut soon

The Nation reports the Government Saving Bank (GSB) is preparing its first issue of what will be Thailand's first mortgage-backed securites (MBS).This has several implications: The securitized instrument will be more liquid. Default risk can be better managed with the underlying transferred to a special purpose vehicle (SPV). More tranched products in the market. There […]

Phillips and Seamico Enter Asset Management Business

AsianInvestor reports SEC's approval for Phillips Securities and Seamico Securities to operate asset management business. Thailand’s asset-management industry has grown by two, with Phillip Securities and Seamico Securities both receiving approval from the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to set up businesses. The arrival of both firms, which are entrenched brokers in the Thai […]