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Browser Window Real Estate

Firefox extensions are one of the main reason the opensource browser had gained user base, and for good reason. But for many of them to be truly useful, browser real estate has to be sacrificed for a button, indicator, switch, and what not. For me, I have 1280 pixel width of toolbar and status bar, and maximizing their use means some of the nice-but-unnecessary extensions had to make way. Some that had been dumped include the like of “FootieFox,”:http://www.footiefox.de “ForecastFox,”:http://forecastfox.mozdev.org/ and “foxytunes.”:http://www.foxytunes.com/

Here are those currently allowed to take the precious spaces.

My current firefox window's bells & whistles

Late addition (between making the screen capture and writing) is “Stylish,”:http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/google-reader-theme which is needed to apply John Hick’s excellent “re-design of Google Reader.”:http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/google-reader-theme Slick!


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