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Google Map, Thailand

Yes, I have predicted this will happen soon. Yes, I am still dumbstruck. The whole of Thailand… is now covered by Google Map. The implications are multi-fold:

  • Location based web services can build on top of the platform.
  • Geo-tagging things locally now makes a whole of sense.
  • Peoples will start creating their My Map and entering places and businesses. Google will gradually make the ones that are public visible to all. Local business search will then be possible. 
  • Location based ads will start generating revenue for Google.

Chiangmai Map on Google

I think some peoples will not like that the whole thing is in Thai, but eventually the mass that will drive revenue will be the locals and not expats.



  1. Agree with you that the main revenue would be from Locals.. But it shouldn’t be difficult for the almighty Google to hack in an English translated layer for expats/travelers?

    Think of the possibilities.
    On my travel portal (under construction) i can show POIs to my visitors in English… In case they need to go by a cab… hit the Thai switch, take a print out… n hand it over to the driver. convenient.

    • chris says

      I’d love to see your portal when it’s done. 🙂

      I believe the problem is that no data vendor has complete bilingual data for Google to work on. This is not something you can easily hack in.

      For a well executed bilingual map, I go to http://map.longdo.com But their data source (freely available) is not as extensive as Google’s.

      • hi chris,

        thanks a lot for the encouragement and the link to longdo
        Longdo seems to have solved my problem.. for starters their data is acceptable, but how do i go about encorporating it into my site? GIS sounds kinda alien to me… but incorporating maps can be done if i can get some sample code.
        Could you point me to a free data source for thailand maps? i could play with some opensource map servers also..

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