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The Pedometer

I have been walking around with a pedometer for 2 days now. It’s a little gadget you attached on yourself that count how many steps you have walked.

The generally accepted healthy step count seem to be 10,000 a day. The first day, my count was 4,800, and that already included walking around Siam Paragon between meal and movie. Today, after sitting around in meetings until 5 in the evening, the counter is only displaying 1,600! Step-count-wise, I have a sedentary lifestyle.

To make the magic 10k number, I’d have to increase my 5km run in the gym from 3 times a week to daily! Argh!


  1. UnkT says

    Do you strap this to your leg or what – like for those guys under house arrest. Does it matter if its big/small steps or fast/slow pace? There are guys who run with a heart-beat meter strapped to their chest with a reader on their wrist.

    • chris says

      It counts by measuring impact generated by a step, so you can attach it anywhere where it will not hang loose and away from your body. Use it as a belt clip seems to be how most people do.

    • ken51937 says

      I got one from Japan a few month ago. I is a very good device.

      However, you have to be aware that the unit will sense any shocking motion in verticle direction. If you ware the unit on the belt during driving, it will count any shock on the car as well. check it out.

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