Month: October 2007

US Mortgage Rate Reset Schedule

Lots more subprime and option adjustable rate mortgage will reach their reset date in the following 4–5 years. The problem is not yet behind us. In the medium term, I think the market participants will have come up with a plan to keep things in control. But the immediate few months to a year ahead […]

Al Gore, Nobel Laureate

Al Gore was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in environmental activism. This has me scratching my head a little bit – Nobel Peace Price? He’s done good job for a good cause, and deserves recognition. I’m just not sure this is the correct one. The Goldman Prize might be closer. I […]

Cucina by Zen

It took me a while to pronounce Cucina’s name. (Ku-See-Na) Zen’s more expensive sister serves some of the better sushi I have had in Bangkok, and the price is almost not outrageous if you make your selection well. (though a bit of a surprise for restaurant in Central World) We went there yesterday and had […]