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Avant-garde taxi

I had a paint job done on my car earlier this month, and was without car for 10 days. This means I get to use the taxi a lot more. Two things that strikes me are 1) Taxis do like to talk politics 2) The drivers all have very potent Jatukham. Or so it seems by the way they drive.

But back to point number one. On the last of my taxi rides this week—going to the garage to get my car back—I found that while the driving is still maniac, the conversation was very informative. Mr Driver gave me narratives on

  • Dirt cheap Indian car maker (Tata) is planning to enter Thai market, how the Japanese automakers must be clenching their teeth and prepare to have their margin cut. How they will counter with cheaper hybrid.
  • He went on to explain, with the law of supply and demand, how the hybird’s price will come down in 3 years, with the help of tax incentives.
  • He praised the way Indian has become prominent in software and telecom worlds.
  • The strange weather we are experiencing globally: The snow in Iraq, the mist in Bangkok, the Californian wild fire.
  • The Kra Isthmus Canal and how opening up the isthmus will help Thailand’s economy and reduce dependency on Singapore on oil price & policy.
  • China’s Three Gorges Dam and the flood of cheap Chinese goods that will follow.

Ah, he is after all talking politics. He's running for minister of commerce or foreign affairs.

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