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Top Applications on E61

The Nokia E61 has been my main phone for the past 9 months, and I have built up a personal armory of applications that I can’t live without.

All these apps are free but one, and I try to go native (S60 3rd) as much as possible. (Java sucks on phones)

  1. GooSync GooSync synchronize the Calendar with Google Calendar. I have tried the open-source GCalSync but it was quite horrible to use. (requiring so many key presses for each sync, and ugly sync status screen that looks like linux boot) GooSync, on the other hand, just works.

    • 2-way sync
    • understand with recurring events
    • easy auto-configuration via SMS


    • Pro version is bit expensive at $19.99 per year
    • Multi-calendar support only in Pro
    • Auto sync only in Pro

    See the rest of the list after the jump.

  2. Fring This is my IM application of choice, and I am online on Google Talk & Skype all the time with Fring

    • Multi-Protocol support. Supports Twitter http://twitter.com natively.
    • Supports SkypeOut
    • Supports SIP


    • I couldn’t get SIP to work
    • Does not support status messages on any protocol (except twitter, duh!)
  3. Opera mini  Best mobile browser. Period.

    • Renders web page much better than the built-in browser
    • Sufficient java support
    • Opera Link sync bookmark with Opera online


    • No instant typing into text field in HTML forms
    • There’s no way to open HTTP link in Opera mini by default
  4. Google Maps mobile 

    • Now a native Symbian application, works much smoother than the previous Java version
    • Cache recently viewed maps
    • GPS-based “My Location” feature 


  5. Gmail mobile  Gmail on the go

    • GMail. On the go.
    • Very good use of screen space
    • Preload content


    • No access to draft folder
    • The select contact page is clumsy
    • Takes 20 seconds to load
  6. PuTTy SSH on the go

    • The only SSH client for Symbian that I know of.
    • Configurable connection profiles


    • Does not support Tab key auto-complete
  7. Psiloc GSync  The only application so far (on the E61) that I spent money on. What it does is to upload all SMS/MMS, both incoming and outgoing, onto my Gmail account. This makes them available for Gmail’s excellent search function and means I can just clear out my phone’s inbox / outbox anytime without worrying about losing important messages. (Time to meet someone, people’s phone number, etc.)
    To avoid cluttering the Gmail inbox, I set a filter to automatically apply tag “SMS” and archive messages from GSync.

    • Auto-start and auto upload. You won’t even know that it’s there.
    • Easy configuration and works consistently


    • Cost 9.95 €
  8. QReader  E-book readers on the go

    • Remembers last page
    • Configurable text size & font
    • Percentage indicator


    • Doesn’t read .lit file Cons:


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