Month: April 2008

Don’t flood my feed reader

I don’t know about you, but I hate it there is too much to read each day from a single RSS feed. That’s why I unsubscribed Engadget long ago. News feed can start off being very interesting, and as they became more successful there is pressure to keep up or even increase the update frequency. […]

Things Drupal can do better: Automatic module upgrade

Today I upgraded a wordpress blog to version 2.5.1 and noticed several plugins are also not up-to-date. The plugin upgrade cannot be any easier, with a single click to upgrade each one. No wget, no FTP, just a click. Upgrading Drupal modules require a bit more thinking, with various versions available for each modules, plus […]

Smelly Gadgets

I thought I just bought a pretty cool litter box for my 8-week old kitten. It’s japanese made and come with cat door, litter trap on the way out, detachable litter carrier, and a place to clip the scooper inside. Pretty dandy! Until a little search showd me much human had progressed in the field […]

US Foreclosure Map

บางครั้งรูปภาพทำให้เราเข้าใจได้ชัดกว่าตัวเลข ตัวเลข: ปีที่แล้วรัฐ Denver มีบ้านถูกยึดโดยธนาคารประมาณ 7,700 หลัง รูป:

Risk Consulting Landscape

While the Forrester Wave™: Risk Consulting Services and Kennedy’s Risk Management Consulting Marketplace differ in their evaluation criteria and industry focus, both report paint a picture of fast growing industry (17% annually, twice as fast as overall consulting market) populated by firms with diverse approaches and offerings. Appeared in both lists are Big4 firms, IBM, […]