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Too Linked?

I am pruning my LinkedIn connection, the list is down to less than 180.

In the past 12 months, many peoples I never know added me as their contact, vowing the same "we never know when we can help each other out in the future, so let’s connect. I have more than XXXX connections and I’m sure one of them can help you out in some ways too".

These are peoples I don’t know, never heard of, who work in different industry and geographical area. If that is the extent of their connection to me, I’m pretty sure it is the same as they have with their other thousands connections. I would not ask them for help or introduction, and they are clogging up my network updates feed everyday with their "XXX just added 20 more connections".

These TopLinked folks are easy to spot. 500+ connections, and group memberships that run longer than most people’s CV.

too connected

I’m sure there are a lot of real networkers out there, who connects to peoples in real ways. But it’s harder and harder to distinguish.

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