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Smelly Gadgets

I thought I just bought a pretty cool litter box for my 8-week old kitten. It’s japanese made and come with cat door, litter trap on the way out, detachable litter carrier, and a place to clip the scooper inside.

Pretty dandy! Until a little search showd me much human had progressed in the field of cat litter disposal.

Litter Robot

The choice of automatic solutions is really quite overwhelming, from auto rakers (LitterMaid, ScoopFree, Simple Clean) to auto roller (Litter Robot) to something that looks like human toilet (CatGenie) to something I haven’t quite figured out yet (Purrforma).

Or if you prefer something more mechanical, there is always the Roll’n Clean. But to me nothing beats the simple and elegance Kattbank. (Though noone in their right mind would pay $2,200 for it, it’s still cool.)

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