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Don’t flood my feed reader

I don’t know about you, but I hate it there is too much to read each day from a single RSS feed. That’s why I unsubscribed Engadget long ago. News feed can start off being very interesting, and as they became more successful there is pressure to keep up or even increase the update frequency. But no blog can generate tens of articles I find intersting everyday and do it indefinitely.

The trimming of feeds that update too frequently had been going on for a while for me. From Google Reader’s trend, about 10 items per day is the maximum for me at the moment. And these had to be 10 very relevant items, or they’re out.

Many peoples (a lot are tech bloggers) advocate subscribing to as many feeds as you can, for the benefit of the odd items that are valuable for you. The idea is that modern feed readers can help you wade through the irrelevant and get to the good stuffs easily.

That used to be true for me, but another personal trend is that I have been consuming my feed more and more on my mobile phone. Google reader mobile doesn’t offer the browsing flexibility of the full version, until that change I think I will keep my 10 items per day mandate.

And if a news is important, it will find me anyway, right?


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