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On-Topic Spams

I miss the days when it’s easy to tell apart spam comments. Gone are the day of good old body part enlarger. Lately, about a third of comment spams look so real that I can’t fault Mollom for not catching them. If not for the links to ad farms, there would be no way to tell these are indeed spam.

Take for example this comment made on a page about K2 theme for Drupal.

Thanks for the theme, still trying to learn drupal

How much more relevant can you get? Even if this doesn’t add anything to the conversation or offer any insights, it is very much on-topic. But the link points to a commercial site.

How do they do this? Paying human to skim a post and write somewhat relevant comment with spam link? Or are the spammers using the same trick they used to circumvent CAPTCHAs?

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